The real story behind Jodhi’s drop-out [Australia’s Next Top Model]

Struggling to comprehend Jodhi Meares’s stunning drop-out from the Top Model finale, a friend and I argued yesterday about the catalyst for an act so unexpected: he reckoned she was booted from the show by producers wary of her lack of skills; I maintained she suffered some sort of crippling panic attack and simply couldn’t face the cameras.

Turns out the second reason is the more likely: MediaWeek reports that on Monday “Meares sent [FOX8] a ‘Jodhi Mail’ that reportedly said she was pulling out because she was too nervous about hosting a live show in front of over 1000 people”. Poor Jodhi! She did try – “turning up to rehearsals, learning from TV talent coaches and practising the drill” – but I suppose the pressure was just too much.



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