Teri Hatcher is gonna be so pissed… [awards]

All the core Desperate Housewives made it onto the Emmys shortlist of best actress in a comedy… except Teri Hatcher. Snubbed! But… how did Eva Longoria make the cut and not Hatcher? It’s not like Teri deserves an Emmy, but is Gabby really a deeper, more thoughtfully drawn character than Susan?

Also unveiled: the shortlists for best supporting actor and best supporting actress in a drama. Rose Byrne for the win!


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3 Responses to “Teri Hatcher is gonna be so pissed… [awards]”

  1. Excellent-I’m so sick of Hatchet face and her poor little me act.

  2. Flotsam Snr Says:

    As actors I’ve always thought Huffman and even Cross are in a league above Hatcher and Longoria. Unfortunately for Marcia though, her effectiveness is becoming more hindered by her increasing inability to demonstrate facial expressions.

  3. The first comment wasn’t written by the real Editor Jax. The real one would never say something like that! Please stop stealing her name and using her blog address!

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