First look at America’s… [Kath & Kim]

This is… weird, like peering into an alternate universe.

[Image AZ Central]


6 Responses to “First look at America’s… [Kath & Kim]”

  1. They’re too pretty.

  2. Agreed. Selma needs to be much fatter.

  3. Flotsam Snr Says:

    At least Molly and Selma as dressed here could vaguely pass for mother and daughter. Half the time Gina looked older than Jane (which I believe she is irl, by a few months or so).

    And yeah, I’m guessing weight issues will not be the bainmarie of Blair’s Kim.

  4. pondie84 Says:

    Oh dear… is it possible for the series to look like a train wreck just from one photo?

  5. Kath looks too well dressed!

  6. Linkstar Says:

    I’m willing to give this a go. Both are good comedic actors so it has a shot at being half decent.

    But I agree with pretty much every comment above.

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