Now with 100% more fantasy [Futurama]

Now that The Beast With a Billion Backs has been and gone there’s the next straight-to-DVD Futurama instalment to look forward to: Bender’s Game, which replaces the show’s usual science-fiction with straight-up fantasy. I… have a hard time wrapping my head around that concept.

Executive producer David X. Cohen told Sci Fi Wire that the movie is set in an “alternate universe” with “fantasy versions of all [the] characters”… though I’m not sure if that means it’ll star alternate versions of the Planet Express crew, or if the Planet Express crew as we know them will be transplanted into a parallel fantasy world.



2 Responses to “Now with 100% more fantasy [Futurama]”

  1. “fantasy versions of all [the] characters”.. I take that to mean they’ll all be different characters, but will still look like the Planet Express crew. Like when the Simpsons do their fairy-tale episodes, or like when Family Guy did the Star Wars thing. I’m probably wrong tho..

  2. pondie84 Says:

    That sounds terrible… oh well I’ll still watch it!

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