Chace Crawford less boring than first suspected [Gossip Girl]

So I always assumed that if I ever met Chace Crawford we wouldn’t have much to talk about, given that plays Gossip Girl‘s dullest character (I guess we could make chit-chat about how pretty he is, or discuss where he learned his CSL technique), but it turns out we do have something in common: Chace tells Vanity Fair that 30 Rock is one of his favourite shows, and that he has a crush on Liz Lemon! Me too! Chace, have I misjudged you…?

VF profiles the core cast of Gossip Girl as well as a bunch of other pretty young things in their “Bright Young Hollywood” feature, which reveals some important lessons: we learn Penn Badgley is angling for a role in Iron Man 2. We learn Blake Lively enjoys eating greasy food, and bulimia. And we learn that sweet little Taylor Momsen really likes watching “rape stories” on TV. Um.

[Link, image Vanity Fair]


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