And the 11th Doctor is revealed… [Doctor Who]

The 11th Doctor is… the 10th Doctor!

io9 reminds me that there was an old spoiler about the Doctor’s dismembered hand (the one chopped off in The Christmas Invasion) being important this season. Given that it was seen early on in ‘The Stolen Earth’ for no apparent reason other than to remind us it’s still around, I’m going to wildly speculate that it will come in handy (nyuck nyuck) when the Doctor is regenerating, allowing him to keep David Tennant’s body. Or something.

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16 Responses to “And the 11th Doctor is revealed… [Doctor Who]”

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  2. some people say the 11th docter is david tennent[10th docter. some people say hes mr.fantastic. who realy is it?

  3. i hope its true that the 11th doctor is the 10th because it will be very boring with him. i thought the the dalek creater on doctor who died, did he?
    if he did e-mail me at

  4. jenny didnt change when she regenerated in the doctors daughter?

  5. but if u watch torchwood captain jack and the doctor both have a had of the doctors (so did he loss two hands or is it just me)

  6. coffipls Says:

    i do hope that the 11th be the 10th. so far of all the doctors, i like the 10th the most… kindda reminds me of tom baker (4th doctor). however if david is stepping down, i think that nesbitt would make a cool doctor.

  7. myk finn Says:

    Jack gave it back to the doctor in the torchwood spinoff, when he used it as a doctor detector

  8. yes but the master took it and used it to age the doctor with his laser screwdriver in..I believe “the sound of drums” episode

  9. Zelda Zonk Says:

    I read somewhere that Mark Gatiss was to be the 11th Doctor – remember that he was Dr. Lazarus (he’s also written a few episodes and Dr Who novels). I love Gatiss (so good in The League of Gentlemen) but would really, really miss David Tennant. So maybe what I read was just rubbish – time will tell.

  10. I think that would be kind of boring to keep the same DR dont you guys think so??? I mean its never happened before why should it happen now and as much as I LOVE David Tennant I am ok with him having to go since I have yet to see a bad DR.

  11. Poo on a stick Says:

    Well I for one believe that david will continue to be the Doc, because if you watch previews on Sci-Fi about the next episode you’ll see its still him!! (Unless they found a damn good look-a-like) anywho, im pretty sure the 10th is gonna be the 11th

  12. The doctor is mine Says:

    okay heres the bad news people i who LOVE david tennant know that he is retiring after the 4th season and that there is a rumour about danial radcliff (spit spit) is going to replace him

  13. I hope david tennant is the 11th doctor and even though I love danial radcliffe he is to young to play the doctor
    by th way I am repling to(The doctor is mine)

  14. i don’t like the fact that david tennant would be both the 10th and 11th doctors. to me that’s a waste of a regeneration

  15. it wont be the 10th doctor coz i was watchin the television awards and david tennant said that he wasnt returning i think rowan atkinson would be fab 😀

  16. David tennent is doing four new specials this year and in 2010 Matt Smith is going to be the 11th doctor (:

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