Jericho fails on small, big screens [sci-fi]

Not content with failing (twice!) on television, Jericho may be given the chance to bomb on the big screen too. Two of the drama’s actors – who presumably haven’t been offered many other roles since the series was axed (twice!), have supposedly heard rumours that Jericho could be wrapped up with a movie, Firefly-style.

But I doubt it.

One of the commenters at io9 more or less nails it:

Y’know, I can understand when it’s a good show like Firefly, but I’ve watched most of Jericho, and it’s just NOT a great show. People campaigning for this and Moonlight are giving geeks a bad name…

[Link, via io9]


4 Responses to “Jericho fails on small, big screens [sci-fi]”

  1. […] Junior also covered the chance that Jericho could be picked up for to be shown on the Big Screen (also see Gather) and there might be plans to air Jericho on another network (source to be […]

  2. Ahaha, you stirrer.

  3. Ooooh, you REALLY like angering those nerds, don’t you?? 😛

    Careful, or they’ll use their worldwide Jericho army to crush you!

  4. You are entitled to your opinion about Jericho. The movie deal is not just a fan rumor, the fans have had confirmaiton from Jericho’s producers that CBS Paramount is shopping Jericho around.


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