I want to believe this movie won’t suck [The X-Files]

Consider me deeply concerned about The X-Files sequel – seems the movie’s script was kept under such tight wraps that even the cast weren’t allowed to see it:

“I actually had to convince [director Chris Carter] to give me a script,” [David] Duchovny told an audience at the LA Film Festival this week. He and Carter then dished on the way extreme on-set secrecy:

Carter tried to improvise an entire night’s shooting, and told the crew to follow him. No plans, no advance notice, just leading people around saying, We’re going to shoot here and we’re going to do this. “It’s not a good way to make a movie,” Carter admitted.

That’s not a good omen, right? (Though, honestly, as if I won’t see the movie on opening night even if it is total crap.)



2 Responses to “I want to believe this movie won’t suck [The X-Files]”

  1. Wow, intense. But you know, I trust Chris Carter, i’m sure he’ll give fans what we want and it will be an awesome movie. But then I trusted Spielberg and Lucas with Indy 4, which was kinda cool until the boring anti-climatic ending with out-of-place aliens and cheesy CGI.

    To quote Chief Wiggum (and what’s with my overuse of Simpsons quotes today!?) “Magic ticket my ass McBain!” re: Last Action Hero. lol.

  2. There is no such thing as overusing Simpsons quotes! They are appropriate for all situations.

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