Lisa Kudrow is a bad Friend [movies]

Lisa Kudrow has nixed fears (or hopes, I guess, depending which way you look at it) of a Friends reunion movie, calling the idea “stupid” and “a cheap cash-in”.

Well, those weren’t her exact words, but that’s the gist of it.

[Link, via TV Tattle]


10 Responses to “Lisa Kudrow is a bad Friend [movies]”

  1. Okay I was never really into Friends (I preferred the Will & Grace gang as my friends) but to quote Phoebe, “as if”. Like Kudrow says, it was a -sitcom-… has a sitcom ever been turned into a movie, ever? I get that making movies into TV shows is so-in right now (SATC, X-Files, Get Smart, Futurama, The Simpsons, etc) but come on, a sitcom would hardly work on the big screen. Just look at Bewitched. Yuck.

    But what I find to be funny about this is that Kudrow had no idea about the previous story on Showbiz Spy, which reported that all the friends minus Aniston were on board, verified by an “unnamed source”. Making up your own quotes and attributing them to “a source” is the oldest trick in the tabloid book, Womens Day and No Idea create entire front page feature stories on stuff quoted from these made-up sources. Couldn’t the writer just call the actors reps for an actual credible story? As a journalist myself, if I published a story without seeking comment from those actually involved I would be so canned!

  2. Heh, but we’re talking entertainment journalism here. As an entertainment journalist by day (and one who works online), trust me: different rules!

  3. Oh, i’ve totally put my foot in it. Eek! I’ve done some lifestyle/entertainment stories too but theres a difference between fact-based entertainment reporting (TV Week or an entertainment story on the news) and being in the gossip-making business (New Idea, etc). But its all good cause it generates publicity for those being reported on and its good entertainment for us readers.

    But yeah, totally different rules, no offense intended to your medium whatever it may be 🙂 Just found it interesting that in this case the site reported something without seeking comment from the peeps involved. But I guess “Ice Queen Aniston against Friends movie” is more interesting angle than “Cox wants to do Friends movie”.

  4. Damn you and your in-putting foot!

    Just kidding – I know what you mean. In the course of my work I read a lot of celebrity-related gossip about stuff that celebrities have actually done, so I’m often stunned when I see a New Idea cover with a headline like “BRAD AND ANGE ARE DOING SOMETHING YOU NEVER HEARD OF (because we totally made this story up)”.

  5. Phoebe always was my favourite. And as if they could do a movie without her and Rachael – they were the best characters.

  6. Joey was the best character… that’s why he got his own spin-off, der!

    (Kidding, just in case that wasn’t clear.)

  7. Aw, hehe 🙂 Reminds me of this classic Simpsons moment.

    This just in: Homer Simpson sleeps in a futuristic tent that be believes gives hims sexual powers! Homer: Hey, that’s a half truth!

    I’ve never met Homer, I don’t know much about Homer, but-but… *starts crying*
    Talk show host: Don’t worry, your tears say more about Homer than real evidence ever could!

  8. And now, welcome to the stage Gentle Ben…

  9. […] into the three-week old story about the proposed Friends movie (you know, that rumour which has already been debunked), except the paper has deviously added not-at-all-fictional quotes from “insiders”: […]

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