The resurrection of John Locke [Lost]

Lost‘s Locke was last seen lying in a coffin doing a pretty convincing impersonation of a dead man, but he might do a Jesus Christ and rise from the grave in season five.

I guess Locke’s resurrection isn’t entirely unexpected, given all that mystical healing mumbo-jumbo, but it does raise a few eyebrows: I predict Ben and Jack will haul him back to the island, Weekend at Bernie’s-style, where his body will mysteriously disappear and start hanging with Christian Shepherd.

[Link, image Lost Media]


4 Responses to “The resurrection of John Locke [Lost]”

  1. DUUUUUDE! I hadn’t seen the finale yet. I wished eye herpes upon you for, like, five full seconds.

  2. DUUUUUDE! The finale was weeks ago. Catch up, please.

  3. How can you go around the internet if you haven’t watched the finale?
    Anyways I’ll ignore that outrageousness. It seems pretty obvious that Locke is going to come back. I just wonder what he will be like once he comes back. I’m rewatching all the old episodes (the reviews/analysis will be on my blog soon enough), I just watched the first Jack-centric episode, and Christian appears a lot in it. But back then Christian doesn’t really talk all he does is walk around the jungle in creepy ways.
    So will Locke lose his personality or will he still be the same ol’ Locke?
    Come by my blog in about a week and I’ll be writing about those old episodes.
    – Izi

  4. As with most things in my life, just because it’s my own fault doesn’t stop me from having a tanty.

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