So you think you can have a solo music career [news]

So You Think You Can Dance host Natalie Bassingth… Bassingthwai… Bassingwhatever has quit the Rogue Traders to give herself more time to build her career. Interestingly,’s report says that she’ll “juggle recordings for her first solo album with the second series of Dance later this year“. Hmmm.



4 Responses to “So you think you can have a solo music career [news]”

  1. Gutted!! Never got to see them live, sadly never will !!

  2. Aw, I liked the Rogue Traders. Kind of a risky move, couldn’t she have released a solo album without leaving Rogue Traders, so if the solo career flops, she can continue fronting RT (aka Gwen Stefani and No Doubt)? This is kinda more Geri Halliwell leaves the Spice Girls, very all-or-nothing. Well if the solo stuff fails she can always join the sinking Young Divas, who nobody likes anymore since they ditched Ricki-Lee’s wedding and are now relegated to doing tacky shows at Stonewall to make a living.

    Loved her on Dance, can’t wait for it to return.

  3. I liked her on Dance too! That makes two of us. I’m not sure about this claim that the show will return later this year though…

  4. Yeah, she was pretty funky on Dance, she was really energised and seemed genuinely happy to be there, not like robotic Jackie O on Big Brother who comes across as a total ice-queen. If Kathy Griffin was interviewing her on the red carpet, she’d so be her arch-nemesis Gweneth Paltrow.

    But yeah two servings of Dance in one year is a long shot. Seven did it with DWTS, but they like ran out of household name celebs after the first few… well, from the start.

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