The man tipped to be the 11th Doctor [Doctor Who]

Who’ll play the Doctor when David Tennant eventually steps down? The bookies are getting behind Robert Carlyle, who could work – I used to dig Hamish Macbeth (granted I was about 12 at the time, but still). Unfortunately the bookies’ second choice is Jason Statham, which is so ridiculous I’m not even going to bother explaining why it’s ridiculous; in third place is James Nesbitt, who probably has the best odds of actually getting the part, having previously worked with soon-to-be showrunner Stephen Moffat.

Other names on the list are almost as out-of-place as Statham’s (Billie Piper? Catherine Tate?! What universe are these people living in?), but unfortunately my personal favourite candidate for the 11th Doctor is omitted: Jennifer Saunders! Admit it, she would be ace – and just think of the physical comedy of the newly female Doctor discovering her new breasts and fanny! Hilarious!


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44 Responses to “The man tipped to be the 11th Doctor [Doctor Who]”

  1. Jim Davies Says:

    Why would there be a female doctor through all the years the doctor has been played by a man he only has a few lives left so why degrade the programme by letting a women play the role. Ive been a fan of doctor who for many years so if a female took over then i would not watch it and not contribute to the show in any way i dont watch much tv but doctor whos a show i never miss the companion should be a female but down to what most television programmes turn out today is rubbish so by changing the sex of the main character is stupid. Its been running for over forty years and has a good chance for lasting much longer the sylvester mcoy storylines were rubbish and it of course being canceled and in my own oppinion making the doctor a female will have the same effect might aswell make barbie a action hero.

  2. Jim Davies Says:

    I would like to see Robert Carlyle become the 11th doctor someone who can relate to good story lines aslong as it aint a women like jennifer saunders who i cant stand one bit who aint funny become the doctor thatll suite me very much. The new doctor obviously must have a good connection to the show and audience plus be commited to the show unlike christopher ecleston who last one series and was a pure waste of space but a female doctor who is out of the question they might aswell give barbie or sindy dolls a make over and make them into action heroes like the new female rambos, rambo who has a sex change and goes into war who gives beauty tips to its enamies lol.

  3. though Jims comments may border on sexism!
    I would have to agree that changing the gender of the doctor would cheapen the program.
    In the shows history there is nothing to support interchanging gender
    we have had time ladies ie romana but nothing to suggest lord and ladies can change.
    please keep our doctor male,if you want a female lead follow the doctors daughter with a spin off show but dont mess with forty five years of tv history

  4. Quietfox Says:

    How come no one knows who’s going to play the eleventh doctor lol. Been trying to find out for months now. Kudos to the production team for keeping it such a well guarded secret though!

  5. i am a totall doctor who fan and i think James Nesbitt shud but i do think david tennett is the best!!!

  6. Hey, Jim Davies, you’re a f*cking piece s*it. Degrade the f*cking show?! Are you trying to say men are better than women? Because if you are, your f*cking wrong, you daft c*nt, you will live a lonely life saying girls are degrading, and if you have been blessed with a girl in your life you will lose her very soon. I’m a huge fan of Dr. Who but i dont see how changing the gender of the Doctor will degrade it. You think your funny saying girls can’t fight or be hero’s. Your a f*cking d*ck, and belive me, if we ever cross paths, you’ll be sorry.

  7. Depresion Says:

    Joanna Lumley made a fantastic Doctor with her “Darlek bumps” in The Curse of the fatal death. But there were a lot of good Doctors in there Rowan Atkinson, Jim Broadbent & Richard E. Grant to name three more. A female Dr will work just as well so long as she is still the Dr in there.

  8. Alright, he just started glowing. It’s on.

  9. Jimmy Nesbitt all the way!!

    Bill Nighy (not that he’s tipped, but he’d be good for an older doctor)
    Eddie Izzard woud be good as well

  10. i would want a jeremy clarkson and his tardis gto to be the next doc on the bloc. i think david tennant is the worst doctor ever to have walked the earth and my mum could have done a better job than he did when she is dead and pissed out of her can and tied up with only a map of the room next door

    all my love craig


  11. i heard that wallace or gromit was goin to be the next doctor

  12. Chad Attreck Says:

    To be honest, i feel Doctor Who has lost what it had in the past. Where alot of older episodes were written with humour intentions, these days its all “OMG the world is ending!! Run for your lives!!” There’s no fun in that. It’s why Steven Moffat has such a HUGE fan base – “Are you my mummy?” and scaring the sh*t out of everyone – thats just absolute golden. You don’t even need to try to be funny after that

    A female doctor cheapening the show? What? Well … I think it’s a great idea to be honest, great for sh*t’s and giggles! Plus from what I’ve read, it is only going to be for one ep. Yea, thats right – Jennifer Saunders has 65 minutes of fame, before dying and regenerating. Nothing wrong with that.

    Jim (tw*t) Davies. Six Words: Go f*ck yourself you sexist tw*t
    Dwayne: Ahh … but there’s nothing to NOT support interchanging gender! Good argument though, lot better than “tw*t’s”
    Marie: 100% Agree with the entire post
    Matt: You could have said all that i six words like i did =P

    James Nesbitt ftw! (but jennifer for the 65 minute)


    HE IS RIGHT! This isn’t about sexism or degrading. IT IS ABOUT KEEPING the show’s history and facts. PERIOD! The Doctor is male. PERIOD! If you go back and look at the history of Doctor Who, Chancellor Flavia is female through many years, Borusa, and the Castellan are guys. The Master as well was always male, cripes they showed him as a boy in Season 3! So, come off of your fricking holy than thou high horse nonsense Matt.

  14. Is it not confirmed yet that it’ll be David Morrissey as Doctor #11?

  15. Eddie Izzard (I made the suggestion over at io9! Neat to see other people making it!). I can’t remember who else I said.

  16. Sigma Alpha Omega Says:

    Im hoping the 11th Dr will be none other than Bill Nighy (Shaun Of The Dead, Pirates of The Caribbean, Aufweidersen Pet)

    He has the screen presence, dry delivery, and amazing charm that the series could really benefit from (not taking anything away from both Chris (9th) and Dave (10th)), but more importantly the series could see less action and more plot as Bill is slightly older in years so a lot of running and jumping might be out of the question.

    My 2nd choice would have to be James Nesbit, or even Anthony Stewart Head (who does the voice overs for Dr.Who Confidential

    Time will tell…..roll on July 5th!!!

  17. Chad Attreck Says:

    I think Erik M needs to calm down and realise it’s just a show. It’s supposed to be half a comedy. Anyone who doesn’t agree can feel free to go watch Star Trek / Battlestar Gallactica etc.

    I enjoy the humour of Doctor Who, and a twist like the doctor becoming female will not effect the history / facts of the show. PERIOD!

    Regardless whether the sex of the doctor changes, I am going to watch the last episode of Doctor Who this series and hopefully enjoy it.

  18. the next Dr wont be a woman. timelords can regenerate 12 times(apparantly),following this theory this means that our current Dr is on his last legs, as it were. After his 12 lives are up, which could be quite a long time, the story will be taken over by his daughter, which explains her introduction to the storyline.
    Holes in this plot are; In the library someone new the Dr incredibly well and described him as young, meaning he lives on for a while; its THE Dr.
    People who would be good for the next Dr are (imo):
    1) Alan Davies – with a similar characterisation to his Johnathan Creek!
    2) John Simm – although he has featured in Dr who previously, i’m sure they could explain their way around it!
    3) Martin Freeman – Hitchhikers guide to Galaxy is a foundation for another sci-fi role.
    4) Mos Def – first black Dr?, played Ford Prefect in hitchhikers, brilliant spacey performance.
    5) Jimmy Carr – suprising choice, i know, but Jimmy is a very good actor and incorporating his dry british humour into Dr Who could be very fun!

    only my opinions, dont hate me for it 😉

  19. just to add, Alan Davies has confirmed recently that he is not the next Dr, which is a massive shame.

  20. James Nesbit, although good in Cold Feet, would make a truely awful doctor. Tennant has been the best Doctor so far, in my opinion. Although why he didn’t use his naturally lovely Scottish accent, I have no idea. If you listen to the audiobooks he’s narrated then you’ll see what I mean. Plus the voice he does for Jackie (Rose’s mother) is very funny!

    If there is a new doctor, then I think he should be young or youngish with loads of energy. Whilst a lady doctor would be fun (definitly NOT a down grade), it would complicate the Rose/Doctor relationship and would be a bit of a leap for the audience. I mean if you loved someone so much and they changed, even as significantly as changing their sex, would you continue to love them? Rose has crossed the universe for the Doctor, as a story of love transecting time and space. Bit of a cop-out if the writers then make her say “No thanks love, I’m a ten inch kind of a girl”.

    James is right! The whole plot revolving around Prof. River Song is also a bit off, I mean the guy has a TARDIS, fair enough, but once regenerated he could not meet her with the same face, only older. Maybe he doesn’t regenrate properly and Tennant stays.

    In my opinion the best actor for the role would be Ewan McGreggor, but I doubt it would happen. The funniest doctor would be Eddie Izzard (long live the executive tranvestite, running-jumping-climbing-trees-man whose boobs are made out of jam!).

  21. Sorry about Nesbit, I know alot of people like him, but its just those endless Yellow Pages adverts. Plus he is a bit old, I mean the doctors’ an action hero- lots of running and stuff. And lovely though Robert Carlye and James Nesbit are they just can’t fill Teninches shoes.

  22. pardon me mr. davies but i am a woman and take great offence to your implacation that a woman could not play the roll and if you haven’t noticed the female companions have saved the life of and have often been brighter than, the doctor on many ocasions so why could it be so imposseble for a woman to play the doctor?

  23. Hey Matt, you wanna threaten someone annonymously on the Net ? Come on then you Moron, provide a way to get in contact with you. I will fuck you up for the fun of it, just for you being a fuckwit online. You think you’re so tough
    “If we ever cross paths you’ll be sorry!” hahahaha you pathetic worm, not like that’s going to happen when you’re too scared to even provide a link to yourself. He wasn’t saying women were degrading, idiot, just that changing the character so dramatically would be a pointless novelty that is unnecessary, and hence degrade the show. You’re either an idiotic, or you’re trying so hard to impress women that you care about them. Come on then big man, you want to threaten people? Then post some contact details. Come on hero. And you call yourself a Doctor Who fan. Pathetic Violent moron.

  24. btw I think Eddie Izzard would be brilliant. He has shown that he knows how to inhabit many different characters, and I think would make a good scatterbrained Doctor

  25. It’s on like Donkey Kong, till the break of dawn! Internet tough guys unite!

    But seriously I agree with Jim, a female doctor would be silly. I can imagine it possibly working but really there is no need. I’d like to see Bill Nighy as the next doctor or failing that, Dylan Moran.

  26. I’ve seen most of the available Doctor Who episodes (old and new) and read quite a few of the books, and listened to a handful of the audio plays and, seriously, Ive seen nothing that would make a female incarnation of the Doctor seam inappropriate or impossible, or contradictory or offensive to the character or whatever…

    EG: Doctor suffers a fatal wound… is dieing and needs to regenerate but something (some local radiation, an impurity, the nature of the attack that killed, whatever etc) is interfering with part of his genome and the regeneration energy cant get at whatever part of a timelords genetic code that controls `maleness’ (for humans its the y chomozone, one half of one of the 23 chomozonal pairs that humans have… I.e the difference between `male’ and `female’ in humans is represented by one 46th of our total chomozonal makeup- although only one of each pair is normally `active’ or dominant… I could go into a lot more detail…but anyways, maybe Timelords have chromozones too, but they’d almost certainly have fewer or mroe than 46. Mice have 40, chickens have 78, some species of plant have over 200 and `he’ has to borrow some genetic code from elsewhere- perhaps from a companion, or even by simply copying the other chromozone in the pair where `his’ timelord version of the Y chromozone resides; maybe an `X’- ie female- like ours- to compelte `his’ regeneration so comes out female.

    Heck `the Doctor’s daughter’ isn’t really his Daughter in the show (in the `two parent’ sense), but a full clone reconfigured as genetically female, which already proves its possible within the science of the in canon Dr. Who universe.

    Its the spirit of the show, not the gender of the character, that makes it Doctor Who anyway, because`The Doctor’ isnt `his’ name, its a title, and a gender neutral one at that!

  27. Oh, I’m also of the opinion that the man who claimed to be the grandson in Blink, may have been the 11th (or 12th or 13th) Doctor instead, and he just said he was her grandson for expediencies sake, so maybe Richard Cant has already been cast as a Doctor!

    Failing that, I like either James or Oliver Phelps, though they’re both a bit young… so maybe one of them can play the last Doctor… or they both can! (The Doctor being somehow split in two by another regeneration mishap, mayhap?)

  28. There are a few facts that people must know.


    2) They have 12 regenerations, yes, BUT this can be renewed as happened to the Master. (Who I want back, damnitt) Meaning that this may NOT be the last doctor.

    3) If they do another regen mishap I will go to the BBC offices and beat R.T.D. to death with my sonic screwdriver. I’ve always hated him, and that would make it much worse.

  29. I Like Sir Cliff Richard will be The New Doctor will be good

  30. Jennifer Saunders would be a great doctor however the 11th Doc has already been picked, it’s… Russel Tovey, the guy that played Midshipman Frame in Voyage of the Damned. I think he will be a great Doctor but no-where near as good as David Tennant.

  31. Robert Carlyle!!!??? No, I don’t think I would watch the Doctor Who anymore if Robert Carlyle is the new Doctor. He was horrible in the movie, 23 Weeks Later. He is not charming nor good looking enough to be the Doctor. I miss David Tennant already.

  32. Andrew Lincoln all the way, i really hope it is him . I think he would make a great doctor.

  33. Shame Alan Davis is not the next doctor, I think he would have brought maybe a little something new to the character. On the subject of Jason Statham … well, don’t ask me why but I can see him in the role … dunno, maybe I’ve drunk too much JD, but he might be a giggle as the famous Doc …..

  34. Lil Jethro Says:

    I think the gender switch role has been done to many times in other movies/tv shows. The jokes would be lame retreads. I would like to see a Timelady soon. Jason Statham — if he could pull it off it would be a major feat of acting, but I don’t think its in him. Also bring on more Sarah Jane adventures, i’ll take all i can get of those.

  35. look it’s will most likely be
    cause he’s in the next show and has dialog saying he’s the doctor. but a women doctor would suck extremely and i am a woman so don’t be saying say i’m being a sexist. The Dcotor is a male (ie TIME LORD) his daughter or whatever she is fine..cause she family. but he is male, and I would stop watching the show till they a male doctor again if it were a woman cast. The Point is he can be black or white , young or old i don’t care as long as it’s a he.

  36. I’m actually rooting for John Simm. I know there is no way but I just loved his energy and sheer vivacity. And that great hint of insanity would have been great since the Doctor’s lost Donna now.

  37. For growing up being glued to Tom Baker as the DR.
    I wish they should have someone of same vain like what they did with that animation involving Richard E Grant who would be simply amasing as the DR for me.
    Ive not watched much of the new TV series which i regret but as soon as the 11th is here and ofc i am happy with who they have chosen.
    I’ll make it a personal mission ><
    Otherwise its ( shugs shoulders and “Oh well,maybe next time”

  38. I think if they want a known actor to play the 11’th doctor,,,i’d go for andy serkis(golum out of lord of the rings),a great actor,who has played all types of parts over the years,good,evil,dark,& funny,,,but i think really,an unknown actor should get the part..

  39. hmmm – i really don’t know about the whole casting a female as the doctor – i mean, yes, perhaps only for a few mins for comedic qualities… but not for the series, definitely not. I wish David Tennant would stay – he’s been one of the best… I was also quite miffed when Christopher Eccleston left as he was ace too – grrr
    I have to agree with Matt B – Dylan Moran would be AWESOME as the Doctor – an Irish Doctor! Athough that opens up another can of worms – the doctor has never had anything other that a british accent – how would people react to an irish one? they made david tennant hide his (lovely) scottish accent for the role so… personally i would’t mind a scottish/irish/welsh doctor. Irish accents are lovely too!
    i’m sorry but i really would not watch doctor who if his daughter carried on his role – i just want doctor who to continue forever!!! (if it doesn’t i’ll hit the producers with my sonic screwdriver – sorry i had to nick that saying – it made me laugh a lot when someone said it)
    oh, and BREAK IT UP! BREAK IT UP! jeez – humans are so dense sometimes – why resort to violence when disagreements happen? whats the point? everyone has different opinions and thats fine, but EVERYONE’S opinion is important – thats why these random chat rooms were created – to get EVERYONE’S views shown! so everyone please calm down. Gx

  40. I agree with the point that a woman could not play the Doctor. Here’s an idea though… Johnny Depp.

    Think about it.

    Anyway, we’ll find out tomorrow.

  41. I think James Nesbitt would be great for the part, if not him maybe Rober Carlyle couldmake it.
    I still think that David Tennant was the best and it will be a blow for him to go but, he cant stay forever, now about the rumor going around about it being a woman… it will absolutly destroy the plot and every series that came out, im not saying woman cant act or anything like that its just in the story of the doctor. Anyway i remember watching an episode( the previous series) that the doctor found his daughter ( well clone) and in the end of the episode she kinda died then woke up, because she had two hearts so…maybe its nothing xd

  42. I Think Sir Cliff Richard be a Good 11th Doctor I Think He saw a old doctor who tv show long time ago i think he no’s the story better.

    Thank You

  43. I bet it will be Matt Smith

  44. Well there we go – Matt Smith.

    Wait, who?

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