Mulder and Scully’s best-kept secret [The X-Files]

io9 has a smattering of fresh details about the upcoming X-Files sequel, and when I say smattering I mean it: there’s almost nothing out about this movie. Initially the intense shroud of secrecy came across as an intriguing suspense-trick, but now it seems more like bad marketing; luckily, co-writer Frank Spotnitz has promised we’ll know more about the plot come its late-July release. We better.



4 Responses to “Mulder and Scully’s best-kept secret [The X-Files]”

  1. “Mulder also insists he’s still looking for his long-lost sister Samantha, and doesn’t believe she’s dead.”

    Um, WHAT? Did they forget the Season 7 episode “Closure”, where Mulder hugged the ghost of his dead sister?

  2. I just watched the scene in question via here:

    [video src="" /]

    Scully says “Stop trying to find your sister”, Mulder replies “My sister is dead” and Scully says “That hasn’t stopped you trying to find her.”

    So it’s a metaphor for his quest for the truth…

  3. NEEEEERD! (Kidding!)

  4. Wow, cool clip. Can’t wait for this movie, it’s been too long since our last X-Files fix. I think it can be dangerous for studios to be too secretive about upcoming movies though… you gotta leak a few of the deets out to build anticipation.

    This is what Steven Spielberg and George Lucas had to say about internet spoilers re: Indy 4 (which as an old-school Indy fan was not great, but okay) earlier this year, pretty cool read:

    As long as we finally discover what happened to the whale Moe was smuggling out of town in The Springfield Files, i’ll be happy.

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