BigPond’s big, stupid sitcom idea [WTF?]

Australian telco BigPond is tired of advertising its wares during actual ad breaks: the corporate behemoth is reportedly thinking about spinning off Patrick and Daniel, characters from their successful, well-known series of commercials, into their very own sitcom. Here’s the best known of these so-called “rabbit” ads:

Firstly, “Patrick and Daniel”? Those characters actually have names? Secondly, and most importantly, I’d advise BigPond to look into an American sitcom called Cavemen before they press ahead with this dismal idea: that series was also based on a string of commercials, and, well, things didn’t end so great.



3 Responses to “BigPond’s big, stupid sitcom idea [WTF?]”

  1. Soylent Green Says:

    Well, they’ve already got the requisite wacky neighbour _ that old bagpipe playing dude whose broadband they like to leach off _ so its amazing they haven’t done it already.


  2. O, For fuck’s. Since the rest of the reasons this is a terrible idea are all jammed trying to get through my brain-door at once (a la Mr Burns’ diseases) I’ll just state the one that got out first:

    Hasn’t it ever worried anyone else that the guy is probably more suited to playing the kid’s granddad?

  3. pondie84 Says:

    I never laughed once at the ads and won’t laugh at a whole series of them. What’s the point? Appealing to the lowest common bogan.

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