Turkey Slap II: The Turkey Slappening [Big Brother]

Is another epic sexual harassment storm about to hit Big Brother?:

The boys [Nobbi and Rory] were sitting in the spa with Bianca, who probably should known better than to get the attention of Terri, as the boys requested. At this point, the boys have taken their manhood into their own hands, and performed the “helicopter” at Terri: where one… well… surely you can figure that out, if you use your imagination.

Oh, why am I not surprised that Nobbi and Rory are gormless, charmless boors? Anyway, somehow I doubt Today Tonight and A Current Affair will leap all over this (as they did with the turkey slap two years ago), if only because they’re as bored with Big Brother as the rest of us.



3 Responses to “Turkey Slap II: The Turkey Slappening [Big Brother]”

  1. Agh… what a disaster this years BB has been, no wonder the show is tanking. Gretel was a bit of a bull buster in previous years however a damn good presenter and perfect fit for the show, but I get the need to freshen things up with new hosts, and K-Jo aren’t too bad, yeah? But the housemates… yuck. Whats with the token bricklayer every year? Could these people be any more 2D cardboard cut-out?

    The only thing more boring than these boring real people would be to replace them with the boring characters of Neighbours… yawn. Ten need to give this show a rest for a few years, it’s been 8 years and Australia’s clearly had enough. Cherry and Ben are hot though.

    Remember the on-air spat Gretel had with 2006 housemate Michael a few years back when he argued that the show was totally against him? One of the few moments when profesh Gretel lost her cool, I can’t find it on YouTube but here’s a clip of her discussing it with, ironically, K-Jo. Incidentally, Michael was actually in one of my Uni lectures not only after BB, and he was kinda psycho.

  2. Didn’t Michael get into a fight at some Sydney pub soon after BB? Allegedly?

  3. That’s right, someone accused him of being gay at some club just days after the bad wrap on BB and he punched them out… having a bad week I guess. If only there was an Aussie Kathy Griffin to keep these D-Listers in check.

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