New Inspector Gadget is a go [animation]

An Inspector Gadget update is supposedly in the works; here’s a look at the series’ revamped hero:

You can see a few more pics here, including one of Penny at the controls of some big weird robot contraption thing.

As previously noted here I was a yooge Inspector Gadget fan as a kid, so I’m on board with the idea of a remake… so long as it follows in the footsteps of the awesome Spectacular Spider-Man and not the crappy and ill-conceived Loonatics Unleashed.

[Link, via io9]


4 Responses to “New Inspector Gadget is a go [animation]”

  1. That’s pretty cool… IG was one of my fav cartoons as an 80’s kid… I even had the cool Go-Go Gadget doll-, er, “action figure”. It rocked. Then Power Rangers came along and i’m all like, what-ever, they have giant zords and an evil Green Ranger!

    And who could forget Agro’s Cartoon Connection? That show had so many sexual in-jokes with Agro and Teresa that totally went past most of its audience, check out this super funny Xmas tape of some of the more X-rated Agro moments. Prepare to laugh, a lot.

  2. pondie84 Says:

    Let’s hope it’s nothing like the stinky movies they created too.

  3. Word, keep Matthew Broderick away from IG, please.

    Connor, HAHAHA! I can’t believe Agro was such a perve. Well, actually I totally can.

  4. I know right? Who knows what he was doing under that desk. Way funnier than Kochie’s naughty jokes on Sunrise…

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