All wrong [The Cleveland Show]

Seth MacFarlane on The Cleveland Show:

MacFarlane said he’s often asked why Cleveland was chosen for the spinoff and not Quagmire, the lecherous airline pilot. “This is not a guy you want to invite into your hone on a weekly basis,” he said.

There are people who’d actually watch a Quagmire spin-off? Yeah, because half-an-hour a week of Quagmire making jokes about rape and sexual assault would be hi-larious.



6 Responses to “All wrong [The Cleveland Show]”

  1. Quagmire would be better but rather profane.

    Joe would be lame (pun intended).

    Herbert would be sick.

    Adam West…. lets not go there.

    Cleveland seemed to be the right choice.

  2. Oh people would definitely watch it. And by people I mean straight guys.

  3. Awww, Cleveland is the best character on the show! This’ll be great.

  4. I would watch a spin-off of the following characters:
    Adam West
    Joe swanson

  5. cleavlands black=funny

  6. Seems like fox is getting pretty desperate when they take the most boring character and give them a spin off of there own. Looks like a “black” family guy. I give the show 1 year.

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