Nate gets a plot of his very own [Gossip Girl]

In the second season of Gossip Girl Nate will have a thing with an older woman, a “sizzling cougar” named Catherine Mason (played by 38-year-old actress Madchen Amick, who’s not really old enough to be what I’d call a cougar, but whatever).

On the one hand the “Mrs Robinson” plot is hackneyed fodder, and it’s obvious the writers are reaching for something to do with hunk-of-wood Nate; on the other hand at least it means we don’t have to put up with his forced relationship with Vanessa for too long.



3 Responses to “Nate gets a plot of his very own [Gossip Girl]”

  1. Flotsam Snr Says:


    Official. I’m old. I fairly clearly remember Barrowman in Central Park West playing the YOUNG ladies man, and Amick in same show playing a kitten, not cougar.

    Wake me when they cast Mischa Barton as the mother of a teen and I’ll just switch off the life support all together.

  2. Meanwhile I can’t believe “Madchen” is actually someone’s name.

  3. Flotsam Snr Says:

    German. Means ‘girl’, or woman. I think. Got them German dotty things on the a.

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