Omarosa declared nastiest villain [reality TV]

TV Guide has declared that The Apprentice‘s resident witch Omarosa Manigault-Stallwhatever is reality TV’s all-time nastiest villain. I haven’t seen any of her in Celebrity Apprentice, though I’m still smarting from that incident from the first season where she made out like she’d been clocked on the head with a cinderblock when really it was a tiny clump of plaster, like, shut up, Omarosa.

Strangely, none of Survivor‘s villains made the top 10 – come on, Jerri Manthey is one of the definite hags of reality, right? Instead, the list includes a certain “prat” who I refuse to name -I don’t want to extend his 15 minutes any more than they’ve already been, because I hate him and his troll-faced girlfriend so much.




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