Shut up, Jane Espenson [Battlestar Galactica]

I actually love TV writer Jane Espenson, who recently penned a great episode of Battlestar Galactica, but her comments about the mid-season cliffhanger are just too much to handle:

I wish we could bring you the next episode right away. In my mind the two fit together so closely so as to almost be a two-parter, and I have that awful sense of having had a phone call cut off mid-sentence with so much left unsaid.

No fair, Jane – that second episode won’t air till 2009! What a tease. Seriously, though, her letter to TV Squad is full of intriguing reflections on ‘Revelations’ – she clearly adores Battlestar, which is awesome. And interestingly, she never refers to the “blue clouded planet” which the fleet found as “Earth”… hmm.



4 Responses to “Shut up, Jane Espenson [Battlestar Galactica]”

  1. Ugh! That is a horrific tease.

  2. Flotsam Snr Says:

    Oh, so they did finally bring Lucy back, did they? Maybe I’ll re-hop on from the third season then. She’s way hotter than Tricia thingo.

  3. Yeah Lucy comes back in season four (she plays a big role in season three too), and she is frakkin’ awesome.

  4. Most of the Buffy and Angel eps Jane Espenson wrote are some of my all-time favs, she wrote most of Season 3, some of the early “roommate Kathy/Spike’s return” eps of Season 4, and the darker Season 6 eps, which I didn’t like at first, but really enjoyed when I re-watched it a few years later. Though I think she also wrote a lot of the potential slayer eps in Season 7… and I still can’t stand that season. Willow Xander and Anya had what, like 2 lines that entire season?

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