“Don’t let Jonathan bag me out!” [Australia’s Next Top Model]

Excuse me, but… was this week’s episode of Australia’s Next Top Model actually… good? Shocker!

PhotobucketCon: the media-themed challenges were sort of repetitive, but, pro: they made the girls out to be hilariously stupid. Con: Caris, my recent favourite, is gone… which isn’t really a con because her was really starting to get on my nerves, and besides, I have a new favourite: Sam, who was sort of charming and funny and gorgeous – so much so that I’m even willing to overlook the brutal high-waisted denim shorts she donned for the elimination.

Too bad there’s a snowball’s chance Sam will actually win: that honour is reserved for Demelza, whom the show is unashamedly preparing for victory – I bet the producers did a triumphant jig when Alex lashed out at her, allowing them to portray Little D in a sympathetic light. Blech. (And speaking of Alex: hag! Her puffed-up lips have only lasted this long because she’s a smug snot who arouses drama.)

At least the girls showed a bit of chutzpah… unlike Ian Thorpe and his jubbly chins, who popped in for another pointless guest appearance. For some reason he was even permitted to sit at the judges’ table this time around, even though he’s still so bland he makes Jodhi Meares look vibrant and charismatic by comparison.

And as for my supercilious bestie Jonathan Pease, he kept on practising his smug sneers:

He’s getting awfully good at it… emphasis on the “awful”.


3 Responses to ““Don’t let Jonathan bag me out!” [Australia’s Next Top Model]”

  1. waaah…. i’m away from home and i missed it! thanks goodness for the repeat on sunday.

    Sam, it seems that for the past few weeks you’ve enjoyed the show but are still acting surprised? Isn’t it time to come out of the closet and say ‘i like ANTM!’… (all the cool kids are doing it).

  2. Alex: hag! Her puffed-up lips have only lasted this long because she’s a smug snot who arouses drama

    An AWESOME smug snot. Alex is easily the best bitchy scrag they’ve ever had on this show

  3. Admittedly the show wouldn’t be the same without her trout pout. Ultimately, I’m glad she’s still around… though I maintain she’s only been kept on because of her slappable face.

    wamut: The last few episodes of Top Model have been a little shitty, so I am genuinely surprised this week was enjoyable… it’s pleasant surprise though!

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