Ryan is totally gay [High School Musical]

You know Ryan from High School Musical, the camp and impeccably dressed one who’s never explicitly outed (it’s a kids’ movie, after all), but he’s always wearing a pink cap at a jaunty angle to symbolise his “bent” sexuality? In High School Musical 2 there’s even a scene where Ryan’s dad attempts to straighten his son’s cap and Ryan defiantly tilts it back to where it was, like, wink wink, see the gay subtext here?

Anyway, the stage adaptation of HSM leaps in where the TV movies fear to tread, making Ryan 100% homo:

Ryan’s locker in the stage version has pictures of men inside, not women like the other guys. And when the play’s leading hunk Troy Bolton (Zac Efron in the movies) brushes against Ryan at one point, the character literally swoons, leaving absolutely no doubt whom he finds attractive.




4 Responses to “Ryan is totally gay [High School Musical]”

  1. damn it.
    I always thought he was a bit cute
    there goes THAT fantasy…

  2. Maybe you could replace your “shagging Ryan” fantasy with a “turning Ryan, then shagging him” fantasy?

  3. lol speaking of Swishy. This makes me sad every-time-I-watch-it.

  4. eu acho q o lucas não é ‘gay’ só faz parte do personagem dele o ryan. quem falou e quem dem inveja

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