Hypothetically awesome [Futurama]

So if I had hypothetically downloaded an illegal copy of The Beast With a Billion Backs, and I had hypothetically watched it, then hypothetically, I might write something like this:

It’s a lot of fun, mostly because it’s still a novelty to see new Futurama material. The plot is silly and dense and satisfyingly funny, but as usual the best bit is the richness of what’s in the background. Not only is every scene crammed with hidden jokes (keep an eye out for my favourite, an arcade game called Miss Marple Madness), familiar faces from the TV series and subtle callbacks to past episodes, but the look of it, the loving detail of it all, is simply astonishing. Futurama is a series made by geeky fanboys, and it shows.

… is what I would hypothetically say.


5 Responses to “Hypothetically awesome [Futurama]”

  1. Who can blame, us, I mean, ‘someone’, for downloading it when it comes out on DVD here over 2 months after the US release… if Fox expects to actually sell these movies internationally it needs to get it’s act together and release movies in other regions more promptly, or they’ll just keep losing sales to downloads. These movies really aren’t for casual viewers
    who will wait to buy them off the shelves, they’ve been written for the hardcore fans, who will want to watch them the second they become available.
    P.S. I loved Bender’s Big Score, but I dunno, kinda felt Billion Backs was a bit disappointing. The first movie’s story needed one and a half hours to be told and the ending was epic (even if a bit predictable), whereas this one kinda felt like it was just a padded-out episode that didn’t really go anywhere. That’s all i’ll say without spoiling!

  2. Yeah, I do know what you mean about Billion Backs… hence my description as “satisfyingly awesome” as opposed to “brilliantly awesome”.

    And I agree 100% with your losing-sales-to-downloads argument… or I would, if I were one of those naughty people who downloads TV shows from the internet. I would never be that naughty!

  3. Tsk, hypothetically I would now go out and do the same, if say – JJ Abrams new tv pilot Fringe hadn’t hypothetically shown up on one of the places hypothetically evil downloaders go to hang out.

    Maybe later. Hypothetically.

  4. Really? Fringe is available? I would hypothetically download that if I hadn’t hypothetically used up my entire quota for the month.

  5. Andrew Tobin Says:

    Late reply, I know, I’m in Melbourne on a work trip (yay for working nights! zzZ)

    It is available on minihypotheticallynova.org

    It’s in fullscreen rather than widescreen and all, but yeah – it’s actually pretty good, even with the painfully obviousness at the end.

    Plus I actually liked Pacey in it, which seems weird.

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