“This season we punch Tom’s balls” [Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List]

Oh, Kathy.

I posted earlier this week that I’m a big fan of Kathy Griffin’s: some of my friends put me on to My Life on the D-List last year and I consumed the first three seasons in about a week, and in March I went and saw her stand-up show when she popped into Sydney. (Brief review: She was funny.)

So I’m chuffed her reality show is back with more inappropriate behaviour, blunt laughs, and some occasionally appalling hairstyles. Seriously, K-Griff, I think you’re swell and all, but sometimes your ‘do looks awful.

Highlight of the season four premiere, easily: Steve Wozniak tinkering with her iPhone on the way to the producers’ awards. Maybe it’s just in contrast to Kathy’s loudmouthed acidity, but could he be any sweeter? (And could his watch be anymore enormous? Its face was bigger than Kathy’s, honestly.) Too bad they broke up, because they’re a cute if slightly strange couple.

Runner-up highlight: Jessica getting sloshed after taking a shot every time Kathy called Anderson Cooper “Andy”. One day I aspire to have my own personal staff as awesome as Team Griffin. Actually the entire New Year’s Eve segment was fun, especially Kathy’s “It’s such a treat for you to be here with me” quip, but… she’s a comic who’s down with the gays, yet she didn’t make one single joke or reference to Anderson and his much speculated-upon sexuality? Weird. Maybe she actually respects him or something?

Second runner-up highlight: “Oprah fucked me again”. Hee!

The only downer of the episode was that some of Kathy’s one-on-one interviews, the bits where she narrates/drops ‘ilarious one-liners about what’s going on, seemed a little forced. Just relax, Kathy, and that second Schmemmy will come!


2 Responses to ““This season we punch Tom’s balls” [Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List]”

  1. I love Kathy. It was so great that she used completely new material at the Sydney show, I was kinda expecting her to rehash stuff from her past five Bravo stand-up shows, which i’ve seen like a million times. So many “oh no she di-ent” and “she says just what i’m thinking!” moments, and who would have thought it would be a full house? Mainly an older crowd though, I had to drag my non-Kathy loving friends there, promising she would be great, and, she delivered. Plus who would have thought she would be exactly the same in person? Super-nice.

    Best bit: mentioning the loud motorbike that could be heard driving past the cheap-ass non-sound proof Enmore Theatre in her act… she’s so on-the-ball!

  2. Ha! I had forgotten about her motorbike quip. That was awesome.

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