“Take us to Earth” [Battlestar Galactica – Revelations]


If you didn’t care about finding out who’s the final Cylon, the awesome and depressing ‘Revelations’ could’ve worked as a series finale (not just a midseason cliffhanger), albeit a bleak and soul-crushing one. If the back half of the season proves to be Battlestar craptacular – which I doubt, given the stellar standard set here – we can just pretend that this amazing episode was the last one.

Seriously, the last five minutes climbed to such atmospheric, rarely-seen heights of joy that I just knew something horrible was about to happen. Granted, I thought we were in for Laura or Bill’s sudden and gruesome demise… not a miserable pan across the faces of the core cast as they surveyed the wind-blasted, ruined, irradiated New York City of our future. Like, way to destroy Earth, humanity. (Meanwhile, I know I’m not the only one who expected to see the remains of the Statue of Liberty, right?)

Lee finally, wonderfully found something worthy to do in this instalment: grow a pair. Well done, boy. The scene where he came thisclose to sending Tigh out the airlock I literally watched through my fingers.

The great joy of the episode were the varying wide-eyed reactions to the newly outed final four: Laura froze when Tory revealed herself, perhaps pre-emptively shocked at how fast her former assistant would rush off to aide the Cylons; Starbuck sort of set her jaw in determined horror, leaving us to ponder whether she’ll live up to her promise to blow Sam’s brains out if he turns out to be a Cylon; and Bill broke down almost completely, yowling in pain, but not before questioning – quite reasonably – how Tigh can be a Cylon if they’ve known each other for so long.

Which is, I hope, one of the questions that’ll be answered when the show returns in 2009. In 2009. Sigh…


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