Watch Dexter or die [Dexter]

In the mail today I received a press kit from Ten plugging the first season of Dexter, which kicks off on the network in early July. The kit contained two items – the first was a chopped-up Barbie doll, which is an entirely appropriate, neat gimmick to promote the show:

Unfortunately the presser also contained an actual meat cleaver which I could actually use to kill someone if I wanted. Which is kind of… weird:

Full points for effort, though.


6 Responses to “Watch Dexter or die [Dexter]”

  1. Oh shit! That’s excellent. Who knew Ten were capable of not being retarded.

  2. Not retarded? They DID send me a knife in the mail!

    Seriously though, the knife was quality (I reckon it’d be at least $50 retail), which indicates Ten might actually put some effort into broadcasting Dexter.

  3. Macabre.

  4. Retarded in the crap sense of the word.

  5. Yay, free knife!

  6. Anna Cleves Says:

    That’s so awesome.

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