“Spin-off? Sounds more like rip-off” [The Cleveland Show]

I was a little put-off by the premise of The Cleveland Show, but this new promo has cheered me up:

Talking bears? Come on, that’s funny.



4 Responses to ““Spin-off? Sounds more like rip-off” [The Cleveland Show]”

  1. Family Guy spin-off or no, I’m so over sitcoms, animated or otherwise, where fat, ugly middle-aged slobs have beautiful thin wives. Working class women let themselves go just as freely as their husbands. In real life, Wilma, Marge, Lois, Raymond’s wife, Cleveland’s (spin-off show) wife, King of Queens’ wife – they’d all be Roseanne.

  2. True, but to quote Homer Simpson: no fat chicks. TV permits men to be overweight because that’s “funny”; not so for wimmen.

  3. That bear is funny heeee

  4. It’s funny because he’s a bear and he talks.

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