Katherine Heigl is a snotty bitch [Grey’s Anatomy]

First Katherine Heigl openly trashed Knocked Up, the flick that launched her to film stardom. Okay, fine – the women in that movie were kind of shrewish. But now the sourpuss actress has definitely crossed a line, declaring that she won’t bother to try for an Emmy this year because Grey’s Anatomy’s scribes didn’t provide her with good enough material to work with.

Nice one, Katherine. What’s next? Will she announce that all moviegoing females aged 18-35 are hags unworthy of her attention?



5 Responses to “Katherine Heigl is a snotty bitch [Grey’s Anatomy]”

  1. Hmm, slagging off movie AND TV writers. Nice career move there, Kathy. Maybe a nice bout of anti-Semitism too? That should do wonders.

  2. No way! Katherine Heigl is awesome. Finally a starlet who tells it like it is and isnt afraid to say it outloud. Good on her! Grey’s Anatomy IS shit.

  3. Grey’s Anatomy IS shit. And it’s true that Heigl did have some rotten material this season (Gizzie, anyone?) But she still shouldn’t SAY it… and besides, it’s not like anything she did in the lead-up to winning the Emmy was that Emmy-worthy anyway.

  4. Ainsley Says:

    It’s so hypocritical of her to defend them during the writer’s strike, and then turn around and do something so disrespectful. If she has such a problem with her material she can quit and write her own.

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