Billy Ray Cyrus thinks we’re stupid [WTF?]

PhotobucketBilly Ray Cyrus has lashed out at photographer Annie Leibovitz for the racy snaps she took of his daughter Miley, and by “lashed out” I mean “grossly distorted events in order to cover his ass”:

“We’re down in the creek, amongst just ourselves and nature, and we’re catching these crawdads… And then all of a sudden… [a] paparazzi lady jumps out with a lens and just starts snapping away… And bam bam bam bam bam, she snaps, you know, five shots in a row. It scared me, you know, and I just didn’t expect it this far out in the country. My little girl Noah looks up and says, ‘Is that Annie Leibovitz?'”

Firstly, “crawdads”? Secondly, I’m so sure sure renowned portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz just happened hiding to be in a bush while Miley just happened to be, you know, clasping a sheet to her naked torso. And thirdly, Billy is totally justified to be mad at Annie for shoving Miley in front of a camera and exploiting her. Only he’s allowed to do that!



2 Responses to “Billy Ray Cyrus thinks we’re stupid [WTF?]”

  1. Anastasia Says:

    Uh I don’t think he was referring to Annie Liebovitz at all, he was just talking about an unrelated paparazzi incident that happened when he was with another daughter, named Noah (poor thing).

  2. I guess.

    He’s still stoopid though. “Crawdads”?

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