Insufferable schoolgirl lands insufferable spin-off [Gossip Girl]

You knew it was only a matter of time before Gossip Girl‘s producers decided to dilute the show’s stock with a spin-off, so it’s not so surprising that the company which makes the show has one in the pipeline.

There are a couple of possibilities for the spin-off’s plot: firstly, it could revolve around Jenny Humphries, who stars in a series of books spun-off from the Gossip Girl novels, so this one wouldn’t be much of a stretch. Unfortunately, it would mean we’d have to endure Jenny’s bitching and moaning every week (nothing against Taylor Momsen, who’s awesome, but Jenny as she stands is an annoying support character and not a lead).

The second possibility: a new character could be awkwardly introduced to the Upper East Side next season, and subsequently be spun-off.

Given that the Gossip Girl mothership doesn’t rate all that well, wouldn’t it better a better idea to, you know, concentrate your energy on improving the show and boosting viewers, rather than spread your plots thin across two shows?



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