Jokes in BSG are about as rare as jokes in the Bible [Battlestar Galactica]

Jane Espenson, the writer you no doubt already worship if you’re a Buffy/Firefly fan, penned the most recent episode of Battlestar Galactica and brought something to the show that has been missing this season: humour. (Seriously, the scenes of Baltar screeching at the Hybrid and trying to convert the Centurion? Comedy. Gold.)

Speaking to io9, Jane explains why the often desperately serious Battlestar sometimes needs the funny:

BSG is not as intrinsically comedic as Buffy and Firefly were, but it does accommodate dark comedy, irony, and the humor of everyday life really well. I’m always looking for places to put those moments, not because I want it to be a comedy, but just because scenes feel realer to me when characters get to show off more aspects of themselves, including their senses of humor.”

She also reveals that though the Eights have access to Athena’s memories, that doesn’t mean Helo is married to the whole production line:

“Helo loves Athena, and he’s a one-toaster man.”




2 Responses to “Jokes in BSG are about as rare as jokes in the Bible [Battlestar Galactica]”

  1. Go Jane for finally calling BSG on this. After two seasons I just couldn’t keep battling the urge to want to kill myself by the end of each ep, so I gave up on it.

    My brother insists that by definition of the story – war/genocide – it can’t have any humour at all, but I disagree – I think every show has the potential for comedy breasts.

  2. I agree that a story about genocide couldn’t be a flat-out comedy, but it’s not like people just STOP being funny if the entire world was destroyed. Surely you’d resort to amusing, sarcastic one-liners just as a coping mechanism?

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