“Girls, Lisa. Boys kiss girls.” [d&m]

Earlier this week AfterElton wondered whether TV has arrived at the point where men kissing men isn’t a big deal anymore. It’s still a bit of a deal – think of the fuss when Erik from Gossip Girl came out of the closet, and he didn’t even get any on-screen action – but nowadays the media’s fixation on gay kisses is more “ooh, saucy!” and less “won’t somebody please think of the children!”, I think.

In a decade gays and lezzers will be kissing on TV without anyone raising an eyebrow (and by “lezzers” I mean actual lesbians, not female characters in teen dramas who kiss one another for a cheap ratings boost), because this is how this sort of thing works. In 1968 it was a big deal for American TV when white Captain Kirk and black Uhura kissed in an episode of Star Trek; nowadays an interracial kiss is not sensational at all. The same will probably happen for the homos.

After the jump, a video of Kerr Smith woodenly, awkwardly and unromantically kissing some dude in an old episode of Dawson’s Creek.

[Link, image AfterElton]


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