“About time” [Battlestar Galactica – The Hub]

Now there’s the Battlestar Galactica I know and love.

Okay, first of all: LAURA AND BILL, eeeee!!! I almost never go all “lovesick fangirl”, but if any union deserves an overly excited reaction it’s this one. The show has carefully constructed the couple’s relationship across four seasons, and to see them finally put their feelings out in the open was so beautiful and richly deserved that maybe it brought a little tear to my eye. Seriously, Penny and Desmond must be so pissed that they’re no longer 2008’s most aww-worthy couple.

The beauty of the moment was largely thanks to Mary McDonnell, who, as always, was ridiculously good. (Alan Sepinwall is spot on when he moans that there’s no superlatives left to describe her, she’s that brilliant.) Roslin has been a bit of a stone-cold bitch lately, so I’m pleased she addressed her increasing cold-heartedness via that reunion with Elosha and visions of her future death.

(Roslin’s actual death, by the way, is going to be frakkin’ awful. I am seriously dreading it.)

Also awesome was Roslin and Baltar falling back into their arch leader/comedic buffoon patter from early seasons of the show. His drugged-up confession to her that he is responsible for the Cylon attack, and that he’s not guilty about it because it’s what God intended, led to a transcendent moment: Roslin’s hatred and rage were palpable, making her decision to save his life all the more meaningful.

How chuffed am I that Lucy Lawless’s Footballers’ Wives pilot was never picked up, freeing her to come back to Battlestar Galactica? Best moment of the episode (well, second best, after Bill’s “about time”): D’Anna fooling Roslin (and us, sort of) into thinking she is the final Cylon. Psych!

‘The Hub’ was as wonderful as ‘Sine Qua Non’ was clunky. I can’t wait to see what final-five-revealing, Cylons-permanently-dying, Bill-and-Laura-in-love plots come out to play in the next instalment.


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