The Nanny [feem-toon Friday]

This is honestly one of my favourite theme tunes ever. Feel free to mock me for this in the comments.


5 Responses to “The Nanny [feem-toon Friday]”

  1. pondie84 Says:

    I never watched the show but that song was catchy. I even knew all the lyrics!

  2. Cute, adorable little cartoon Madeline Zima. Who’d’ve thunk she’d grow up to become Slutty McWhorebags in that Duchovny show!

  3. Californication. Yes, seeing her boobies in that show was NOT right.

  4. No way, it’s one of my all time favourites as well. I still don’t know the words right after the bit where Miss Babcock is introduced, but I prefer to keep it that way because it’s fun just singing ‘doo do dooo!’

  5. Anastasia Says:

    I believe it’s “watch out, Cee Cee” but feel free to continue doo-dooing.
    Urr, I mean, who would ever watch such a lame show enough to know all the words?

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