Freak show [Big Brother]

The Australian Big Brother tried to shock viewers with a midget, an oldie and and an Aboriginal (gasp!), but the British incarnation of the show has bested us once again with a super-freaky albino housemate:

Er, no offence if you’re albino. Please don’t use your Children of the Damned powers on me!

Gawk at the rest of the housemates via Big Brother UK‘s official site.


5 Responses to “Freak show [Big Brother]”

  1. Oh my lord, what a freakshow. Why is Michael wearing all that make up?

  2. pondie84 Says:

    Actually this case is fairly tame for the UK Big Brother :p

  3. stevie mcsteve Says:

    please explain to me why anyone would want to watch this tripe?

    “northern accent” in the room that looks like it was designed by a man that sh*ts on walls, retardica is now arguing with walkingfreakshowina over whos turn it is to whipe ben the paraplegics ass, ben the paraplegic is once again reminding us that he never wanted to be in the show, but how we’d encouraged him to, so that we could exploit him for ratings.

  4. pondie84 Says:

    Um what?

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