The end of an era [The Simpsons]

The upcoming 20th season of The Simpsons might be the last: escalating production costs, spiralling ratings and increasingly unfunny plots could spell the end of the show.

On the one hand the thought of The Simpsons wrapping up is sad, because it’s been around so long I literally can’t remember a time when it wasn’t on TV. On the other hand… season 19 sucks. And it’s not like the family wouldn’t be immortalised in reruns anyway.



3 Responses to “The end of an era [The Simpsons]”

  1. Thank god. The Simpsons is like an old beloved pet that just needs to be put down for its own good and for the good of everyone who remembers when it was actually funny.

  2. There are new episodes of The Simpsons? People actually watch it? Everytime I tune it it seems to be the Lemon Tree… not that I’m complaining.

  3. I don’t believe that it’s true!And never will!

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