JK Rowling is writing for… [Lost]

In a Q&A that aired in Britain after the Lost finale, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof revealed that Harry Potter scribe JK Rowling will join the show’s writing staff!

They were just kidding, of course. As if that will ever happen… though it would give the show an ironclad excuse to brush away all those tedious hanging plot threads with a convenient “a wizard did it”.

Some actual spoilers for season five are coming up after the jump.

Team Darlton revealed that Ben and Charles Widmore are both very important to the mythology of the show, as is Christian Shepherd, who’ll feature a lot more next year. In revealing flashbacks? In ghostly flashforwards? Or in frustratingly enigmatic dream sequences? (My tip: all three!)

Darlton also described the smoke monster is “misunderstood”. See, because everyone thinks it’s just this plot device the writers are making up as they go along, but it’s not, because they’ve finally invented a convenient way to explain it!



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