Shoes. Shoes. Oh my god. Shoes. [Sex and the City]

Pointing out that Carrie could never afford her apartment, let alone her wardrobe, is about as useful as questioning Robert Downey Jr.’s ability to create cold fusion in a cave in Afghanistan -it misses the point of the movie entirely. Why is it okay for Iron Man to collect expensive cars but materialistic for Carrie to collect shoes?

Who said it’s not materialistic for Tony Stark to collect cars? The issue isn’t materialism, it’s that Iron Man is set in a comic book universe where a man can fly through the air in a glorified tin can with a snotty British computer in his ear, whereas Sex and the City is set in the real world where there is no effing way Carrie can ever afford to buy all those shoes.

[Link, via kapooka baby]

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One Response to “Shoes. Shoes. Oh my god. Shoes. [Sex and the City]”

  1. Nooneimportant Says:

    Robert Downey Jnr is a fox. Iron Man is my new all time favourite film and I am chomping at the bit to get it on DVD.

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