Australia’s next bland model [Australia’s Next Top Model]

Wow, who knew a trip to Fiji could turn out so… boring?

After weeks of bullying and crude product placement and snotty remarks about the girls’ supposed fatness, this week’s instalment had as much scandal as Jodhi Meares has vivaciousness. The only even remotely outrageous moment came when the judges tried to instill in the models yet again the idea that eating is bad, mmkay, but by that point I was so bored I could barely summon up the energy to live yet alone froth with righteous indignation.

On the bright side, skanky Bec was sent back to fast food hell, and her equally skanky mate Alyce was in the bottom two with her. But even then the taste of schadenfreude was tarnished by the growing realisation that Demelza – dear, sweet, poisonous Demelza – is probably going to take out the competition. Seriously, at this point it’s not like anyone else could win, not Sam, not Caris (formerly known as Ugly Caris), not Alex and her perpetual bitchface.

Highlight of the episode (or lowlight, depending on how you look at it): Alyce remarking that the number of girls is down to six, and next week it’ll be five, and then it’ll be four… Yes, Alyce, that’s generally how eliminations work.


4 Responses to “Australia’s next bland model [Australia’s Next Top Model]”

  1. They kick out the sarcastic ones too early, and there’s no boobie.

  2. Funny, now I really want Caris to win. If Demelza wins, she’ll fade into obscurity, though, she sucks. She’s totally the Stephanie of this year.

  3. Ainsley Says:

    Word on Demelza=Stephanie=Demelza=Stephanie=Demelza.

    Bitches shouldn’t win the contract. They deserve to serve my burgers.

  4. As I said, needs more sarcasm and boobie.

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