The Doctor’s daughter? [Doctor Who]

Photobucket Den of Geek has an intriguing take about the Doctor’s new lady friend River Song (introduced in this week’s instalment ‘Silence in the Library’):

I’m not falling for the debatable romantic interpretation of Kingston’s affection for our Doc, or for Donna’s jealous looks. If this isn’t the regenerated ‘Jenny’, the ‘doctor’s daughter’ from a couple of episodes back, I will buy a hat and eat it. It’ll have to be a chocolate hat though – part of the delight of Moffat’s writing lies in the surprises.

There’s a few holes in the theory – River called the Doctor “sweetie” when she first saw him, which doesn’t seem very father-daughterly, and Jenny regenerated as Jenny and not into another body – but it’d put a nice spin on the storyline.



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