He’s not watching you any more [Big Brother]

Behind Big Brother reports that the long-running reality series might not survive through to 2009 (that distant roar you can hear is the sound of a thousand wizened couch potatoes whooping in victory).

If the franchise does manage a ninth season we should expect an extreme makeover much greater in scale than the piddling achanges made to the format this year – for starters, the show could return in a different timeslot, maybe something more more like America’s thrice-weekly US Big Brother. Which, let’s face it, would be a welcome change. The daily show is boring.

Here’s my free advice for Big Brother: what everyone really wants to see you do is destroy the housemates’ fragile sanity by messing with them constantly. One of the reasons the show is so tedious is that the housemates are too comfortable; make the house an unpleasant place to live, and hey presto! Instant drama.



One Response to “He’s not watching you any more [Big Brother]”

  1. BBBA-Skeptic Says:

    Actually, it was confirmed weeks ago by other BB Australia sites that BB will return in 2009 with plenty of changes being planned. Behind Big Brother posts outdated, often incorrect news and fictional stories and is widely criticised for that.

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