Bits and pieces [Lost]

Harold Perrineau is peeved that Lost‘s scribes brought back Michael just to beat him up and kill him:

“I’m disappointed, mostly because I wanted Michael and Walt to have a happy ending. I was hoping Michael would get it together and actually want to be a father to his kid and try to figure out a way to get back [home]. But this is [the producers’] story. If I were writing it, I would write it differently… I honestly feel like Michael’s death served a really weird bloodlust for the fans.”

(Perrineau goes on to argue that Michael’s demise is part of the show’s “weird” and stereotyped treatment of black characters; I see where he’s coming from but I don’t think the fate of one character indicates a subtly racist trend.)’s Doc Jensen brings up one of many interesting points in his amazingly thorough analysis of the finale (warning: it’s really long, so give yourself half an hour to read it):

Desmond, Jin and Michael tried to prevent an intricately wired bomb from going boom by freezing it with liquid nitrogen… Later in the episode, we saw that the massive gears in the bowels of the Island were covered in frost. Was that ancient machinery deliberately frozen to keep the Island from going ballistic, as with the freighter bomb?

Speaking of the frighter bomb, MythBusters co-host and Lost geek Adam Savage weighs in on the plausibility of all those explosives:

We blow a lot of things up onMythBusters, so I know from experience that last night Lost missed the mark. The 500 pounds of C4, that whole movie thing about “dummy triggers” and fake tripwires – it’s all a load of crap. Nobody does that. At least that’s what my friends at the FBI tell me. Would you want to set up explosives so that pretty much anything you did would make them go off? It’s just like guessing and cutting one of the wires in the movies: Nobody would survive using that technique for very long, including Keamy and his crew. The whole training of a bomb tech is to work safely with explosives, not dangerously.

Yeah, I thought that whole bomb plot was pretty laboured too.


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