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And the 11th Doctor is revealed… [Doctor Who]

Posted in Britannia, Doctor Who on June 30, 2008 by jetsamjr

The 11th Doctor is… the 10th Doctor!

io9 reminds me that there was an old spoiler about the Doctor’s dismembered hand (the one chopped off in The Christmas Invasion) being important this season. Given that it was seen early on in ‘The Stolen Earth’ for no apparent reason other than to remind us it’s still around, I’m going to wildly speculate that it will come in handy (nyuck nyuck) when the Doctor is regenerating, allowing him to keep David Tennant’s body. Or something.

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Mexican Zac Efron not as pretty as regular Zac Efron [High School Musical]

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There’s a Mexican version of High School Musical?!:

Two thumbs up for apparently managing to preserve the song-and-dance crapulence of the original!

[Via Gawker]

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The world’s greatest frakkin’ toaster [Battlestar Galactica]

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Give Dexter a hand [Dexter]

Posted in Dexter, news, North Americana on June 30, 2008 by jetsamjr

Whereas lazy Australian publicists merely send dangerous weapons in the mail to promote Dexter, some wag in Portugal has taken a more guerrilla approach and put a fake severed hand (well… I assume it’s fake) in the window of a butcher’s. Mmm, finger-lickin’ good! If you can think of a better pun than that, I’d love to hear it.

[Link, image Jossip]

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The out-of-space Facebook [Doctor Who – The Stolen Earth]

Posted in Britannia, Doctor Who on June 29, 2008 by jetsamjr

Okay, well, obviously I wrote this morning’s post about how David Tennant isn’t leaving Doctor Who anytime soon before I watched the most recent episode, ‘The Stolen Earth’. And now I feel slightly silly. Continue reading

Big embarrassment in the Big Apple [Australia’s Next Top Model]

Posted in Australia's Next Top Model, Australiana on June 29, 2008 by jetsamjr

The Sydney Morning Herald‘s esteemed telephile Ruth Ritchie sums up why last week’s episode of Australia’s Next Top Model and the girls’ trip to New York City was so cringeworthy:

“The cringe factor this week was unavoidable when the final three pretty string beans ventured to New York. It must be almost impossible to have an original take on that town, especially when fashion is involved, but as our last little hopefuls leapt from cliche to visual cliche, a few sad truths emerged… We are minnows. As those girls sashayed through Times Square and gazed up at the gigantic billboard of the real Next Top Models, Tyra’s gang, the utter stupidity of the exercise screamed down Broadway. It is only when worlds collide that our voiceless pissy suck-uppedness is apparent.”

[Link, image SMH]

Battlestar’s back… before it even left [Battlestar Galactica]

Posted in Battlestar Galactica, neat!, news, North Americana on June 29, 2008 by jetsamjr

The LA Times reports that a second Battlestar Galactica TV movie has been greenlit, and that the Sci Fi Channel is now gathering up the cast to start shooting in August. Yay! No word on when the movie will premiere, but fingers crossed it’d be later this year.

Battlestar writer Matthew Waddle spoke to SyFyPortal recently and revealed the second movie will have a Razor-style plot that expands on past storylines:

“It would go back into history to tell part of the story that has never been told… We have very definite ideas of what that story would be. I think it will be very cool and fans will really like it. It won’t add any new chapters, but it will enrich their sense of depth and texture.”


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