Ricki-Lee’s hands are Idol playthings [Australian Idol]

Shut up, I’m sure I’m not the only hack who’ll use a cheesy Idol/idle pun to title a story about Ricki-Lee’s ascension to Australian Idol host:

The 22-year-old singer will be supporting Andrew G and James Mathison in a bid to freshen up the show’s format.

The singer said the program approached her and she jumped at the idea and she was looking forward to offering support and advice to the next would-be stars.

“I have been through what these guys [contestants] will go through and come out the other end,” Coulter said. “I would have loved to have someone that I could go to with questions when I was in there… You go into Idol wanting to win, but I think I am a prime example that winning is not the end,” she smiles.

This year’s crop of wannabes will be chuffed when Ricki-Lee shares her insights on what it’s like to have an album that went all the way to number 30 in the ARIA charts.

[Link, image Ricki-Lee.com]


2 Responses to “Ricki-Lee’s hands are Idol playthings [Australian Idol]”

  1. AAYYYYY, harsh. I still really like Ricki-Lee though. They should have replaced James Mathison rather than add another stupid faux-presenter.

  2. I agree. Three hosts is waaaaay more than the show needs, and James was so crappy and indifferent last year he deserves to be replace. I bet they’re phasing out him and G.

    Also, I don’t mind Ricki-Lee, really… I’m just a hardcore bitch is all.

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