It’s dead. Get over it. [WTF?]

Jericho diehards have reached an all-new level of desperation, mounting a huge billboard on an LA street spruiking a “TV show for sale – network needed”.

I think the fans, buoyed by the success of their “Nuts” campaign, are taking the old cliche “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” a little too literally.

[Link, via TV Tattle]


8 Responses to “It’s dead. Get over it. [WTF?]”

  1. You will shit when it does come back won’t you…

  2. Heh. IF it comes back I will offer my humble congratulations to all Jericho fans (and then Ill rub it in their faces when it’s inevitably cancelled again).

  3. anamatopoeia Says:

    i sure hope you like the taste of crow pie.

  4. Mmmmm… crow.

  5. Happy Fun Ball Says:

    Obviously it’s desperation. Drop into the Jericho boards at CBS or SciFi and you’ll quickly learn that all this is the work of a few hundred fans. Some even talk about how they can’t spend any more money on these gimmicks. If anyone posts a comment saying the show was good but not great, or that it’s time to let go, or that their crusade against the Nielsen ratings are based on emotion and exactly zero knowledge of statistics, they are shouted down. There’s a reason it’s called Cult TV.

  6. I believe it is right to fight for quality tv. Enough of reality shows, lame sitcoms and looking at autospied bodies. Give a show that makes me think, like Jericho. Best show I seen in years!

  7. Dundradal Says:

    I think it’s more than a few hundred fans. I don’t post very often at the CBS boards but do support the efforts they are undertaking. Just because someone doesn’t post every day doesn’t mean they aren’t helping the cause.

  8. I am one of the Jericho Rangers in Hot Pursuit of a Season 3 somewhere. CBS executives aka Nina Tassler duped Us. Yes we got a SHORT second season that was meant to make US go away. WE WILL NOT. They Used Us Jericho Fans In a Sick way to Lodge an ALL TALK and NO WALK Campaign to get Nielsen to look at online and dvr viewers. In the End they canceled our Show blamed it on US JERICHO FANS that ratings weren’t achieved. Using …ah what measure??? Well the Nielsen ratings of Course. Oh but Nobody was Noticing? TV Network Ratings and Viewers were down ACROSS THE BOARD after the writers Strike. Duh.
    You Look at the Timing of Jericho’s release and the way the Network Promoted it? Pretty sad considering we JERICHO FANS gave CBS enough ammo to were a wisely crafted AD Campaign could have potentially Pulled in the new viewers CBS had laid on Our Backs.
    Nice to have the show back but I always doubted the Networks Intentions. Bold Face Lies. This IS our world too TV exec’s. You respond or lose. We are Determined to get Jericho a Full 3rd Season somewhere.
    MS Tassler? You lost a Loyal sit down every Night and watch CBS Viewer when you decided to pull this crap with US Jericho Fans. When Jericho goes Good elsewhere their will be Egg on your Face.

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