Intruder alert [Big Brother]

Some wag – probably a boneheaded network executive who doesn’t realise that internet promotion actually helps his crappy programming – already pulled down the Big Brother promo depicting the fresh meat that’s entering the house this Sunday. In exchange, more pics and bios of the intruders are after the jump.

Cherry, 20, Marketing Student, QLD

Official bio: Cherry is a Gold Coast beach boy and has been a professional surfer. He is private school educated but says he doesn’t want to be seen as the “spoilt rich kid”. He is anti-establishment and has not settled down. He has represented Queensland in four different sports and has received an Olympic Committee award for excellence in sports achievement. Injury cut short his rugby career.

“I won’t be going in to join the Big Brother boys club. I’ll be making sure the girls get to know me as well.”

A young, spoiled Gold Coast resident – wow, what a departure from the usual types of housemates! Cherry (Fakest. Name. Ever) claims to be 20, though his sun-damaged skin will help him blend in among the middle-aged housemates. Seriously, you should see his pic in high-res.

Rhianna, 25, Financial Worker, Single mother NSW

Official bio: Rhianna is a classic bubbly blonde who rarely has a smile off her face. She is full of energy and laughs at herself. Rhianna is clumsy, accident prone and has lots of “blonde moments”; she has crashed her car “a million times”. Her seven-year-old daughter is her best friend and she is still on good terms with the father. Rhianna has never had a long-term boyfriend and is looking for Mr Right.”

“I got knocked up at my Year 12 formal and haven’t been on a date since!”

She brags about crashing her car and getting knocked up at her formal. ‘Nuff said.

Terrence, 52, Real Estate Auctioneer, WA

Official bio: Terrence is a baby boomer who says he wants to learn more about generation Y so he can better connect with his three sons. He is a great believer in Aussie spirit, mateship and a fair go. He says he’s an old fashioned gentleman who doesn’t understand the need for bad manners or bad language.  He’s a strict father who won’t let his sons (16, 14 and 12) drink or smoke. Terrence is married and is a great believer in teaching the value of money.

“Generation Y are spoilt, lazy and inconsiderate freeloaders.”

Thanks, Terrence. Does anyone else think it’s weird that 52-year-old Terry joins 52-year-old Terri in the house?


7 Responses to “Intruder alert [Big Brother]”

  1. pondie84 Says:

    What is it with them choosing people who look at least 15 years older than they actually are? Alice does not look 23, ‘Cherry’ does not look 20, Rhianna does not look 25.

    And how exactly is Cherry ‘anti-establishment’?

    Supposedly Terrence is known as Terry in real life… which makes it even weirder.

  2. Jeez, you’re right. Cherry looks about fifteen years older than he actually is. And why did he choose Cherry, if it is indeed a fake name? Loser.

  3. Heh. Just realised that my comment was more or less identical to pondie’s.

  4. pondie84 Says:

    Supposedly his name is really Ed Cherry which makes it just a little less baffling… because who names their kids ‘Ed’ nowadays.

  5. “Ed Cherry” is kind of a cool name actually.

  6. CherryLover Says:

    It doesn’t matter what name he went in with he cool and hot that all that matters and if any1 who reads this agrees BACK OFF HES MY CHERRY PIE!

  7. im going out with cherry now

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