Lost meets South Park [Lost]

This LOL-worthy rendition of the Losties in South Park form looks pretty old, judging by the fact that it features long-forgotten castaways like Ana-Lucia and Eko (who?) and none of the Others, but Lost fans are whores who will eat up anything they can get (admit it, you know it’s true):

Poor Claire! In South Park form she looks so… sad. Maybe she just found out that she’s dead after all. And why is Jin Chewbacca?


5 Responses to “Lost meets South Park [Lost]”

  1. Maybe I’m missing something but why has Rose got a halo?

    She isn’t dead…


  2. Hey, good point. Maybe whoever made the pics knows something we don’t…

  3. And also, why does Ana-Lucia NOT have one? She died well before Eko did..

  4. Maybe the artist is racist, and thinks Rose and Ana-Lucia are the same person because they both have non-white skin?

  5. They are simply implying that Rose is a good Christian person, her faith was constantly evident in the early episodes. Ana-Lucia doesn’t have a halo because she sure ain’t going to heaven, anyone disagree?

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