Dollhouse already building creepy, obsessive fanbase [Dollhouse]

Joss Whedon’s army of superfans must still be hurting from Firefly‘s cancellation: they’re already campaigning to save Dollhouse. Which isn’t slated to premiere until January. Wow.

Other fans are worried that too much in-your-face hype will turn people off the show (Joss Whedon fans? Alienating? Nooooo), but I don’t think either party has much to worry about. Fox isn’t stupid: they know Joss has an obsessively passionate fanbase which can be targeted with lots of advertiser-y goodness and is champing at the bit to buy DVDs, spin-off comics and all sorts of crappy “collectables”.


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4 Responses to “Dollhouse already building creepy, obsessive fanbase [Dollhouse]”

  1. Fucking Joss fans with their obsessiveness and frumpy velvet skirts.

    See, this is why I keep my love for Buffy/Angel under wraps.

  2. Ha! And don’t forget clompy Doc Martens.

  3. Hee. And long, unmaintained hair, bad skin and a denim tote bag.

  4. This is everything wrong with Whedon fans.

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