Australian free-to-air network gets its own chance to ruin Dexter [Dexter]

US free-to-air network CBS has already had its chance to slice and dice the naughty bits out of Dexter, and now it’s Australia’s turn: Ten will air the drama starting in July.

Australian TV isn’t as ridiculously conservative as America’s, so there’s a chance local viewers will get to see all Dexter’s murderin’ and Deb’s f-bomb-droppin’ without having to resort to the DVDs. Yay!



5 Responses to “Australian free-to-air network gets its own chance to ruin Dexter [Dexter]”

  1. pondie84 Says:

    I love Dexter… it’s a brilliant show. Will it be on Nine? I hope not.

  2. pondie84 Says:

    Ok… reread and it’s on 10… which guarantees noone will watch it

  3. Yeah, they’ll put it in a decent timeslot for two weeks, shove it to an uber-late timeslot, then dump it on Ten HD.

  4. Sandy Lantern Says:

    I love Dexter too, and was wondering why it hasn’t been on TV in Australia yet. The show wouldn’t be the same without the viewer being able to know what it is exactly Dexter gets up to. And if swearing is beeped out, Doakes’ lines will be one long beeeeeeeeep, motherfuckers.

  5. Linkstar Says:

    I think Dexter will suffer the same fate as any other half-decent American show: An Aussie network buys it in a frenzy after good word of mouth from overseas, will hype the show for a good month before the premiere and when the ratings for the first two or three episodes are disappointing, it will be either pulled off air for the summer dead zone or put in an unwatchable timeslot, alienating what little fanbase the show has managed to garner. Is it any wonder people download more US TV shows than ever before?

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