Matthew Fox kidnapped, tortured by fanatics [Lost]

Don’t be shocked if Matthew Fox vanishes after being pulled into a mysterious, Dharma-branded white van: he’s revealed he knows how Lost ends, thereby painting a huge target on his back. Those spoiler fiends will stop at nothing to scoop plot twists!

Unfortunarely, Fox’s castmates haven’t been invited into the circle of trust: “They understand I can’t talk about it, but sometimes they’ll ask, just hoping I’ll blurt it out,” he told the Daily Mirror.

Jack is the Lost character I’d most like to see fall face-first into an acid-filled hole, so maybe I’m projecting here, but: does anyone reckon that quote makes Fox sound like a self-satisfied, superior ass?




5 Responses to “Matthew Fox kidnapped, tortured by fanatics [Lost]”

  1. No, the quote doesn’t make him sound like a self-satisfied, superior ass, but your reaction to it as well as your apparent hatred of the character he plays makes you sound like an inferior little man with serious “size” issues.

  2. I… don’t recall bringing penis size into the debate.

  3. pondie84 Says:

    I agree with you on the Jack thing too so I also must have a small penis.

  4. I was fortunate enough to meet Matthew Fox, Naveen Andrews, Emilie De Ravin, Yunjin Kim and Maggie Grace a coupe of days after the premier of season two in the US. It was an informal situation and none of them had to talk to me, or even acknowledge me, but they where all very nice and friendly. Matthew and Naveen where very talkative and funny, and none of them came across as superior, the girls looked as though they had a very genuine friendship between each other.
    I don’t know if time has changed any of that, or I met them on a good day, but it was after the huge sucess of season one, and all of them seemed very cool.

  5. Fox is probably a decent guy in real-life (the producers obviously like him enough to share the ending with him); like I said, I was projecting.

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